I've been there.

We could all recognize trends in customer demand but did not have capability to serve that growing market.

Even with years of weekly management calls, we still failed to reach agreement among senior management.

In areas where we did innovate, we had freedom - meaning there was ‘unplanned time’ that we could use to try new things. 

We succeeded with a total shift in our customer relations approach, new policies and value propositions for the support agreements, and a new source of income from agile consulting contracts (back when most people said it was impossible). 

As a result I learned how to apply management discipline to achieve the degree of freedom we had. 


Based on my direct management experience with this small enterprise and with a background of organizational change spanning almost 20 years, I know what matters. 


What’s amazing is how little things actually have to change. 


You have to start with seeing things as they actually are, and not with an assumption of how they should be. 


Based on shared insight, senior managers need to collaborate with each other to reallocate capacity and shift processes. 


They must explicitly define and communicate new expectations. Once this gets done, the right system emerges to meet the demands of real customers. 

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